The gyroscope, a feature of great importance often unknown

Maybe you’re a virtual reality enthusiast and love everything that has to do with that world, but have you heard about the gyroscope? Basically, it’s the sensor that detects the movements we make on our phone, giving it the sense of orientation. That’s why the gyroscope plays such an important role, because it’s required for most apps and games to function properly.

This gyroscope sensor works very easily and we hardly need to do anything to have it, since it must come in the hardware of our smarthphones. When we make movements in certain apps or games, we should receive updated images of what we are doing thanks to the gyroscope. But many times this can fail for several reasons; the good thing is that we bring you some solutions for these problems.

Clearly the first thing we must do is verify that our smartphone really has the gyroscope, and once we have verified this, we should check if it has active screen rotation. If everything is fine so far and it suddenly stops working when you install an app, you should uninstall it, restart your mobile and try again. It’s also good to have the latest firmware for the Android operating system installed. If the situation is even more serious, we can take the option of doing a factory restoration or deep cleaning of files and apps to our smartphone.

Games for Smartphones without gyroscope:


NO gyroscope games

Can the gyroscope orientation sensor be installed?

Actually the gyroscope can’t be activated because it’s a sensor that is included internally and therefore works actively, what you can do is calibrate it, which is basically the configuration that must be done from time to time for it to work properly.

Is it possible to install a virtual gyroscope in Android?

The first thing you should do is install a gyroscope in Android if your smartphone doesn’t have one, but unfortunately this is not possible, as it must come from the factory by default. But it’s true that there is the possibility to download APK, a virtual gyroscope. To emulate it in Android with root, you must install and run the app “android.hardware.sensor.gyroscope.xml” with “Root Explorer”, but it’s an app that is not in the Google Play store. This search began when the popular game “Pokémon GO” was released, to be able to enjoy it on devices without a gyroscope.

Are there games for virtual reality without a gyroscope?

While it’s true that there are still mobiles available in the mid- or low-end market that don’t have gyroscopes, there are some app developers who take them very much into account and develop apps that work with the compass and / or acceleration and don’t need this sensor, which gives them the ability to play and see in virtual reality with certain viewers such as VR Box, Homido, Cardboard, among others, without any inconvenience.