HeliCity VR brings you the world’s most advanced and powerful combat helicopter for a breathtaking adventure.
You’ll feel like a true combat pilot participating in different missions where you must fight against the helicopters of the enemy side and avoid the fire around the city.

HeliCity VR

Thanks to this virtual reality game you will be able to pilot a helicopter enjoying incredible 3D graphics and quite real flight control. It will be one of the most incredible flying experiences you’ll ever experience.

The objective of the game is simple, you must observe everything around you to locate the helicopters of the enemies to kill them, is an experience that feels very real and at the same time you will have fun with all the adrenaline you feel.

You have to remember that even if you are living the thrill of the game, you are still in a real life space and you could fall, so you have to be careful. So flying a helicopter in VR also has its totally realistic side. Sailing the skies with a helipcote was never as real as in VR, take your flying skills to the max and proclaim yourself as the undisputed master of the heights.

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