Hidden Temple – VR Adventure

Adventure, Android VR


Who wouldn’t like to meet the treasures that are hidden in the middle of the jungle? Live incredible adventures full of mysteries and riches. You only need to carry your survival equipment and insect repellent with you as this virtual reality game gives you the opportunity to live an incredible adventure in the jungle VR. You have to escape from the ancient and tenebrous temple before you die in there.

Hidden Temple - VR AdventureYou must pick up and mix objects to solve the complicated puzzles that present you to find the secret cameras that are everywhere, this will achieve thanks to the classic method where you point and click on the object. Explore everything you want for each of the corridors of the temple, thanks to the 360 degree view you only need to move to observe any corner and discover secrets.

Do you think you can find hidden treasures and various riches? Do not miss one of the most fun adventures you will find in the middle of the jungle, download this great VR app. This game is available for any smartphone using the 360-degree view, but you’ll live an incredible experience if you use virtual reality headset like Google Carboard

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