House of Terror VR

Android VR, Horror


House of Terror: Valerie’s Revengee is a virtual reality game that invites the player to enter into an experience where suspense keeps him with his skin bristling, throughout the trajectory, in which he constantly perceives that something is not right around him in this horror VR experience.

House of Terror VR

What does he have to face? Nothing more and nothing less than gloomy environments, where silence reigns and grayish and reddish atmospheres stand out, to emphasize this adventure, where adrenaline conjugates with the beats of the heart. These accelerated pulsations are what give the perfect key to the game.

The player walking almost in the dark and without knowing exactly where he is, or how he got to that place, will have to look for how to solve various puzzles, looking for clues and above all, preventing being caught. Making this vr horror game a complete inmersive experience.

You will find traps in their path and the monsters give the touch of greater intensity and horror, they are the ones to flee from. As you can see this game promises a lot of action and is very easy to play. All you need is a few slow virtual reality glasses, such as the Google Cardboard, or the Lakento MVR VR glasses.

This game is developed by Bloompix Studios and published by Lakento, which in turn are the manufacturers of virtual reality glasses.

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