Hungry Shark VR

Without gyroscope


Are you a fan of sharks? If you are then you will love the virtual reality game that we have for you. We invite you to try Hungry Shark VR. This excellent game allows to you enter the deepest seas in order to swim with the most dangerous sharks.

Hungry Shark VR

Not only this, but you will be playing from the shark’s perspective, and you will swim with other sharks as well as look around for food. Various enemies will be waiting from you, starting with stinging jellyfish to hostile divers who are going to do anything to protect themselves from you.

This marvelous virtual reality video game for mobiles is compatible with VR accessories like VR glasses. It doesn’t have the gyro function, but that doesn’t stop the game from being a unique experience for those who love the ocean and sharks. We invite you to download the game for you to experience what’s like to become a shark.

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