The classic shooter has been reinvented, thanks to this you will have a virtual reality experience completely incredible and full of adrenaline.  Live an unforgettable experience in the city of Hunters Gate, you have to choose two characters, you can be a daredevil gunman called. Forge or you can choose a magician who is thirsty for revenge called Payne, you must defend the city from a demon who wants to invade and don’t let evil take over your hometown, defend it at all costs no matter what you have to do.

Hunters Gate

Get the best and most powerful weapons, improve your skills and spells for home as you enter the world of demons to finish off their evil leader called Cephalos.  At first glance it may seem like a pretty simple game, however it is quite fun and addictive, you can play together with other people around the world using a wi-fi connection but it also gives you lots of hours of super cool content if you decide to play it alone.

Live this fun and incredible experience thanks to virtual reality technology, and is that you can only enjoy this incredible game on devices that are compatible with virtual reality headsets. Experience the adventures this city has to offer and don’t give up defending it for the world.

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