The InCell VR app is an action strategy game, set in a micro world, which is quite strange and unusual to the humans characteristics. This game, which is available for mobile devices with Android OS, is ideal for all players who wish to start playing with the Cardboard VR technology and who wish to have new experiences with the virtual reality, better known as VR.


It is important to know that the technology this game was designed with, was oriented to virtual reality, so it is made specifically to give all players the feeling of being involved in the game. However, if you do not have a Cardboard VR, you should not worry, because you can play it in a traditional way or with any other type of Cardboard.

In the same way, to play in a conventional way and to deactivate the VR mode, the user should only play and press and hold the device screen or use the carton trigger to unfold the main menu. The InCell VR game has a great graphics quality, design and sound, in addition, it has a great acceptance in download applications, where it has obtained positive qualifications of 4.3 stars. And although it is hard to believe, this game was only created by Luden as an experimental project, with the aim of testing all the opportunities that offered the virtual reality by Google Cardboard.

So do not wait anymore and go to download and play this fun video game.

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