This application offers a wide range of games for VR Box with control as well as others that do not require it to play. The main benefit is that the best available Android VR Box games have been filtered and placed in the same place so that those interested can get information and then choose the one they want.

InMind VR

Viewing in 3D with the VR Box viewer is possible and its main function takes it forward to perfection. Luckily, it is not just about VR Box 360 videos but it is also possible to relate to each app, being able to perform movements such as walking, running or exploring besides actions such as grabbing objects, opening doors, inspecting drawers or furniture. Depending on the game, the possible actions will be analyzed, but it differs completely and adds an essential component of simply visualizing the videos in virtual reality.

It has available and compiled games with command for VR Box. It is necessary to have a joystick well configured and linked, in most cases by Bluetooth, so that pressing the buttons proceeds to perform actions. Also games without control for VR Box that will allow those who do not have a controller to play in the same way and enjoy the Android VR viewer. It highlights the games without gyroscope for VR Box since not all smartphones and mobile devices have this sensor included but there are still developers who create games without this requirement.

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