Jump To The Water VR

Android VR, Simulation


All your life have you wanted to be an extreme diver but you could not? That should not be a problem for you, because thanks to the technology of virtual reality you can become that great diver you’ve always wanted to be. With the game Jump To The Water VR VR you will have the opportunity to be part of all the action and feel that you are really performing an extreme dive from the highest place that exists.


More and more virtual sports games are becoming more popular because it allows people to experience those activities that for some reason, they could not. Thanks to the simulators VR many people can achieve to practice those sports that they wanted from the comfort of their home. In this extreme game 360, you can have an authentic experience and feel the real adrenaline that runs through your veins when you perform these extreme activities.

The player should only put on his glasses and enjoy the ride, which will take him to the highest places that exist in the world and from there, should jump directly into the water. The player will be able to look to the sides to appreciate the landscape while he falls. Also, when the participant is already in the water he can dive all over the place to have a complete experience.

This game is also ideal for people who want to test and overcome their fear to the heights. This game can be downloaded for free on your Android device.

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