Jurasic World Blue

Jurassic World: Blue

Animals, Samsung Gear VR, Simulation


In this Virtual Reality game is of the entertainment category and its genre is adventure and film. Here you will be in front of giant dinosaurs. The emotion is revived because it is not an easy situation that dinosaurs live in these scenarios. They are in danger and it is you who can save them.

Jurasic World Blue

They are on Cloud Island and there a volcano has erupted and awakened. All the animals on the island run terrified, because they want to be saved. There is a very intelligent dinosaur: The Velociraptor Blue. You’re going to help him survive in this realistic game. What will you have to do? Help him to survive, looking for food, water, surviving friends and above all, fight with predators. The graphics are really amazing. The jungle climate you will appreciate, plants, rocks and textures of nature where these animals are.

The forest sometimes looks foggy but is part of the intentionality of the developer, because this way, the animals stand out in the foreground. Jurassic World: Blue is a single-player game, and in each chapter it offers you’ll be immersed in a more intense emotion. With Touchpad supported controllers. Its platform is Gear VR. It is one of the best in the Go library.

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