Last Days on VR Survival

Last Days on VR Survival: VR Game of Zombie Hunter

Android VR, Shooters


There are those who love zombie games, and just as there are those who love shooter games… How would you like to unite the two for an incredible experience? Well, that’s what this game brings to you.

Last Days on VR Survival
It’s not a survival game itself, but you can see how a zombie tsunami attacks your futuristic city. If you’re passionate about zombie hunting and shooting zombies in a 3D and in offline games, you should definitely download Last Days on VR Survival: VR Game of Zombie Hunter. This is a virtual reality game in which you will live the experience as if you were really inside a zombie apocalypse, you must defeat as many zombies as you can, defend your camp, and for this you will rely on weapons and all their firepower, making the experience totally exciting..

Become the biggest zombie hunter ever in the history of mankind, you’ll have fun and feel all the adrenaline the game has to offer.
Always be alert to avoid surprise attacks from these evil zombies, your goal is triumph so you must kill all zombies who stand in your way without mercy. Kill them all.

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