Last Floor VR

Action, Android VR, Shooters


If you’re looking for strong emotions and horrible detestable bugs, this game is made for you., suitable for all ages and with more than 10,000 downloads to date. In this game, the protagonist will reach the top floor through an elevator, but the moment he arrives, things get more difficult and scares and terror come through the shadows.

Last Floor VR

Due to the virtual reality, the player has a very strong experience, and also through the 3D sound will experience something more exciting. The graphics are ultra-realistic, and this game has 360 degrees view, making the experience terrifyingly immersive. The environment of the game is captivating and sinister, and one thing that this game has is its free version, by means of which the player will enjoy a free period to then decide whether to buy it or not.

Other striking features of this game are its virtual modes, where there are space shooters, plus western and 3 crazy. In this game you will see amazing graphics, heady environments, shooters, incredible sounds and much more. Is an experience that is not suitable for cardiac or people with insect phobiasand guarantees very exciting moments, kill the bugs and proclaim the aboslute winner.

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