Maths Learning VR

Android VR, Educational


This VR Education game is ideal for children ages 6 to 12, as it can help recreate them while teaching them basic math arts in a fun way, so that you can learn in a totally innovative way and with large doses of fun. It is compatible with the vast majority of devices currently on the market and has more than 1,000 downloads to date.

Maths Learning VR

As the name says, the game is intended to teach math to the child, which is very important because in the future will be something very necessary for he or she, being a basis of life and promoting early intelligence. Teaching math isn’t usually easy in the real world, but through this game and the VR, that can get a little easier, and the child won’t get bored.

The game is intended to make the player solve both additions, subtractions and multiplications, and all by means of virtual reality. It is a very fun game and has several difficulty modes (easy, medium and difficult). Each level will offer a large number of questions and has 360 degrees of freedom in every escenarie, as well as incredible sounds and graphics, which makes the kid more trapped in the game.

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