This VR puzzle game is great for anyone interested in learning how to develop strategies; whether you are small or big, it is presented in dioramas that stage a small robot that suffered a malfunction and needs to be guided back home. To this nice robot you must teach him by means of movements and actions that so good strategists can be so that his crossing in the middle of blocks, stones, motors, grass, stairs in short; is as fast as possible besides certain.

Mekorama VR

With three years in the market, Mekorama VR has a good number of levels, fifty (50) in total, but online you can get endless of them because in addition to helping you develop the strategist also gives you the freedom to be creative.

Through the level editor you can stand out in your creativity and make your own virtual reality world and once you save it, through a code you can share this level with your friends or you can also collect new levels from other players. Immerse yourself in this wonderful world of strategy and virtual creation, to let your mind fly for a while, and all through virtual reality and incredible graphics.

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