Experience an innovate way for learning languages ​​in any place Mondly VR. Learn 30 foreign languages ​​by participating in real conversations with virtual characters in so many languages such as Spanish, English, French, etc.  Mondy VR is now available for Daydream and Cardboard.

Mondly VR


Among its features, you can find:

  1. The clear sound that gives you this app is wonderful, and the voices are from professional actors and actresses. They are all native speakers so you can enjoy and imitate the perfect pronunciation they have.
  2. This fantastic app analyzes your words and sentences and offers you comments in order to improve your pronunciation.
  3. Conversational learning is the main reason why you have to download this app for Cardboard and Daydream. It will give you essential vocabulary based on word and sentences most commonly used.

Mondly is one of the leading language learning platforms with more than 20.000.000 downloads worldwide, and it is the first to launch an VR app to learn foreign languages ​​with speech recognition technology and a conversation robot.

Mondly does not approach the subject in the same way as the common language courses. It offers you the power of virtual reality. Mondly’s virtual reality app immerses you in conversational learning with a virtual person. It is an effective way to learn new words and phrases. Thanks to the use of its state of the art natural speech recognition and spaced repetition algorithms, Mondy VR makes learning languages ​​extremely easy. What are you waiting for?

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