Monsters VR – Suvirval Legends

Adventure, Android VR, Strategy


Show your survival skills in this fantastic movement game, thanks to the HD resolution and its augmented reality mode, you can experience the most amazing scenarios while attacking the monsters that will want to kill you without thinking twice.

Thanks to the controls of the game you can perform different positions that will help you dodge the attacks of a monster; with this you will accumulate points and improve your ability to resist their attacks. To adapt to the controls, you may have to practice a little before playing a real game, because if you don’t master them well, the monsters won’t have mercy on you. The story of this game is based on a fact that occurred in the facilities of area 51 protected by the United States government, but something went wrong when they tried to explore the body of a monster created under genetic experiments.

Because of this, the government has decided to take them to a desert island where they are locked in an underground prison, where corrupt politicians and convicted murderers are sent to die, something similar to a scene from ancient Rome and the gladiators. The compatibility of this game is thanks to the fact that it has Google Cardboard and S.O Android 5.0 or later, with which you only need to have a smart device. Will you be able to survive? Dare to try.

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