Mosquito Invasion VR

Without gyroscope


Would you like to find a game to kill mosquitos? Then you will love Mosquito Invasion VR. This peculiar virtual reality game is made to help you release all your frustration with real mosquitos. It features realistic 3D virtual worlds and sounds to help create a more immersive experience. No control will be required for this game.

Mosquito Invasion VR

It works without gyro function and the more you play it, the more mosquitos you’ll have to kill if you want to reach the next level. Plus, if you want maximum immersion, you need to use your headphones. Tilt your head to the right or left to find more mosquitos to kill.

The game features night scenarios, which increases the level of difficulty, meaning you will have to focus if you want to kill every single bug in the room. We invite you to give this awesome virtual reality game a try. You will have tons of fun.

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