For those passionate about the world and the ninja theme, this game is highly recommended for them. This VR action Game has different levels to enjoy different modes unique to each other.Ninja Legends

Ninja Legends For Gear VR has several levels to practice archery ninja style, clearly, with different levels of difficulty and grades as well. Through this game, you can get into the skin of a real ninja to defeat your enemies and defend your space. You can get into the action quickly and face different threats, while solving different challenges that will be very entertaining for you.

This game makes you think like a real ninja, and the different challenges of this wonderful game will force you to develop a better strategy. Most of the time the attacks are based on groups, so you will have to survive waves of enemies who will be willing to defeat you. Through 18 levels, you have 4 difficulty levels and a repertoire of ninja weapons; you can choose from different swords, sticks, claws, even gauntlets and many more, as well as complement them with different skills that you can unlock as you progress through the levels.

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