Ping Pong VR

Android VR, Sports


Ping Pong VR is a highly recommended game for all lovers of this sport, because it provides the opportunity to live the experience as in real life. Its effects are realistic especially if the player wants to have a total immersion experience, because it has the option of using a VR headset, as it will allow you to make full body movements. Playing this way to this VR game, the increase of adrenaline, will be guaranteed.

The environment where the game of ping pong is developed is extraordinarily immersive, it makes the player feel that he is in a stadium with a fully animated audience. This game can be accessed from any device, this facilitates the gameplay, because wherever the user is, you can enjoy it. Be it from a VR gear, a smart phone, etc. Any type of multiplayer is possible.

For greater realism, custom avatars are added to the racket, thus experiencing the feeling that you are playing against rivals who in turn must be very alert. They know they are competing with a great VR ping pong player and must be very careful.

VR Ping Pong offers several very addictive game modes. They are: Practice mode: where you will train against AI. Single Game Mode, Tournament Mode and Arcade Modes.

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