Pool 360° VR

Android VR, Sports


If you love billiards or if you want to improve your skills in this game, the following virtual reality application is all you need. This app is a simulation of the pool game. To live this experience you need your virtual reality headset and you’ll feel like you’re really playing in front of a table.

Pool 360° VRThe rules of the game are simple, just like in a real pool, your goal is to hit the cue ball by pushing the others into one hole without letting it fall into one of them. To direct the cue ball you need to use the trigger and press the screen. Don’t forget to choose the power of the shot you are going to make, this power changes color as the seconds go by, for example the green light has the multiplier x1, while the orange light has the multiplier x4 and finally the red color that is the most powerful with the multiplier x16.

With respect to the scores, for each ball between 33 and 99 points are received depending on the blow you give, to get the highest number of points you must do it fast and execute as few strokes as possible.

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