This VR Strategy and ability Game is very different from the others, and currently has high numbers of downloads in recent times. As the name implies, this game tries to control puppets, which include certain interesting elements that make it something ideal for fun. You can choose from hundreds of different puppets, as well as accessories; on the other hand, the game offers 3 game modes that differ from each other.

You can play with your friends as you progress through the game, up to a maximum of 4 people per game. Basically, the game is about having other players guess what your secret card is in Word. All this is done through a wonderful puppet show and all the players take turns.

This VR app can be played from any kind of electronic device. Among other interesting things, this Puppet Fever game has many other appealing elements for the public. You can make up your puppets, as well as offer different sound effects for your performances. There are also many silly voices in the game, as well as the possibility for you and your friends to scream what they need to know, and much more.

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