Quidditch VR

Quidditch VR



What Harry Potter fan hasn’t wanted to play Quidditch at some point in his life? And what better way to live this experience than with virtual reality technology? Yes, that is Quidditch VR will blow your mind.

Quidditch VR
With this app, you can live that incredible experience of playing this famous game without waiting any longer, you have the option to play it on your cell phone in both virtual reality and normal mode without needing the VR headset. The graphics and 3D animations of this game will make you feel as if you were really part of the movie Harry Potter, Quidditch VR will fulfill your dream of participating in a real game within the movie. You can play as a goalkeeper and your mission will be to block all shots from the opposing team, you can also play the seeker as Harry Potter himself and catch the snitch.

An experience like this you won’t find anywhere else, so run and download this app to fulfill one of your biggest dreams as a fan of the saga.It is important to note that this game is not backed by Harry Potter or Quidditch, it was an application 100% created by fans of the saga to honor him.

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