If sailors and abandoned islands are your thing, this game is for you, as the plot mainly happens in this theme. This VR Adventure Game focuses its story on a group of very adorable sailors who were stranded on the shore of a presumably deserted island. After this, they must begin to rebuild their lives here, both their homes, and find ways to survive in the wild.

The heart of the island is broken, and you are the only one who can repair it by handling all the sailors who were stranded. This island is special because it has 8 beautiful climates, and exploring them opens up different sceneries and adventures. You can also fish, cook, paint and decorate the themes, as well as other productive activities such as mining and agriculture.

The game’s functionality stands out for presenting series of missions in story mode. Since this past month, many people have downloaded this game and realised how tender it is, offering very smooth and charming graphics. In Raccoon Lagoon For Gear VR It’s also possible to play it in multiplayer as you develop your story.

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