Real Dinosaur RollerCoaster VR

Real Dinosaur RollerCoaster VR

Android VR, Roller Coaster


We bring you a free simulation that presents you the union of two incredible elements, very exciting roller coasters and also you will be able to see very closely the dinosaurs that will be around you during the whole trip. Seeing dinosaurs in VR will undoubtedly enchant you.

Real Dinosaur RollerCoaster VR

Enjoy the incredible ride through the mountain park VR, you will find peaks, drop drops, feel the breeze, is an experience in which you can live all the emotions as if you were really on a roller coaster. The sensation of immersion is really catching.

In addition to the fact that you will have dinosaurs with very real characteristics walking around you and they will approach you making very authentic sounds, you might even feel a little bit afraid to see that they are so close to you. The graphics are of incredible quality so everything feels much more reliable, you can play anytime, anywhere as long as you have an Android phone that includes a gyroscope. The physics of the game is also very real so you must be careful not to lose your balance ever.

You can experience the thrill of a real roller coaster in virtual reality and surround yourself with dinosaurs with Google Cardboard virtual reality glasses or the vr headset of your choice.

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