Relax River VR

Adventure, Android VR


In this a game created for virtual reality, relaxation is the main objective. River Relaxation VR offers just what you want. Its name is super appropriate. What could be more relaxing than sailing in crystal clear waters?

It’s an invitation to take a great tour of the waters of a river in 360, drive a kayak in VR and float downstream just at the quietest time of day: sunrise. The scenery of the game is only natural environment, where the green mountains border the scene.

At your own pace you will discover incredible creatures. The trees accompany you in the gentle breeze. You will see birds that sing and flutter over you and butterflies that with their colorful decorate the environment. The best and most consistent with the idea of RELAXATION in capital letters, is that you will be introduced into this virtual reality, with hands free, that is, not having to “struggle with anything in the game, not even paddle or any control, relaxation is assured. The route will be done automatically, without the need to make adjustments or apply configurations. What we want is for you to enjoy the trip.

You will have approximately 25 minutes to make this relaxing tour. River Relaxation VR is compatible with the latest Android devices and VR headsets.

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