This VR game adventure, simulation and action, is a great opportunity to immerse yourself in a world of rirtual reality where you will find three different environments in which you will experience the sensations of the best roller coasters. It is a very immersive game, so you must be very ready to feel in your skin the emotion that the game offers you.


Rilix VR is super fun, but if you want to maximize your experience seek Rilix Coaster that will open the possibilities of diverse worlds with extreme tension. You require a Touchpad controller, and the Platforms where you can play it are Gear VR, Go. One of the most exciting details of the game is that the graphics are impeccable so you feel like you’re on a real roller coaster. You’re really going to feel like you’re in the place of the game.

Rilix promotes creativity and imagination. Here you will find dragons, sharks and giant robots and with them your travels become much more intense. You’ll forget you’re in front of a device and think you’re on a roller coaster. It’s not just guided tracks with inclinations, like a common amusement park. This game satisfies the expectations of any player addicted to VR. That’s why it’s recommended among those in its simulation category. It is a game that has remained in the market of virtual reality, because its users endorse it.

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