It is not possible that silence has entered a city leaving the inhabitants without music! The Rock Roll n’ Roll has always been what has kept the city alive and dynamic, so what are you going to do in the face of so much silence? Well, it’s time to make noise! You won’t let silence beat you. If you’re a rock and metal lover, you’ll love this virtual reality game called Rock & Rails.

What will you achieve it with? With guitars and basses. With musical instruments you will exploit the beasts of silence with a BAAANG! It’s time to climb spectacular rails that are all over the city, take them and travel through them to destroy riffs. You can do it alone or with your collaborating friends to overcome this terrible affair. You have a great mission in the name of Rock: to recover its space and vigor.

To be able to play Rock & Rails you must have two devices with the game installed and a WiFi connection to play in cooperative mode. In this mode you can improvise your pieces with a friend and both will have an extreme musical experience. It’s a game that has a lot of emotion because you have 9 levels full of rock and metal, you can choose between three characters to put yourself in their skin. Best of all, there are more complex levels that are designed for hard rockers, it’s the “Metal Mode”.

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