Romans From Mars 360

Android VR, Shooters, Simulation


Romans From Mors 360 is a VR remake of a classic action game, brought to you by Majesco Entertainment. In this game, playable from Google Cardboard, you are supposed to be a totally loyal Roman soldier who has the important task of defending both a castle and the world from the risk of being overrun by an army of MARTIANS!

Imagine the experience of a total VR gaming (with 360 visuals and audio) while you fight against hundreds of Martian warriors divided in as many waves as you can survive! You are now in a castle, only armed with a crossbow so, you might think that you don’t stand a chance but, make use of your skills to shoot life-saving arrows as well as you eventually domain your basic elements powers.

Romans From Mars 360

Wait! Powers? Yes, indeed we said powers. You will be able to use earth, wind, fire and thunder powers to get through those waves we were talking about before. The developers assure that this game will surprise you with features like the possibility to fight against those Martians and protect your beloved planet. Besides, do you remember that crossbow I was talking about? How about the chance to improve that weapon with some beast upgrades in order to create a super-mega-hyper destructive weapon? Sounds fun, huh? This game is promised to offer a fully colored cartoon-like environment with 360 degrees visuals and audio as well as to be playable in both Google Cardboard and View-Master.

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