Cartel Rope Crossing Adventure VR

Rope Crossing Adventure VR

Android VR, Simulation, Sports


If you want to feel a chill circulating from your feet to your head, this is the ideal VR game. In it, you’ll have to walk a tightrope, controlling the tilt of your head to the left or right to maintain balance. From the rope you can feel the void that awaits you if you lose your balance and fall, between the VR sports games, this will certainly seem electrifying. Your heart will beat in a real way, because this game is designed in 3D environments.

Rope Crossing Adventure VR2

The scenarios put you in the suspense situation to the maximum. You get to doubt your courage to cross volcanoes, valleys of death, buildings, walk the rope fleeing wild animals. Rope Crossing Adventure VR is a spectacular tightrope simulation game.

The experience is enhanced when you use virtual reality glasses, you will feel like a real tightrope walker resisting winds that push you from one side to the other and put you at risk of falling into any of the scenarios mentioned. Playing sports in VR will be really exciting and the emotion you experience will be so authentic that you will always come back for more of Rope Crossing Adventure VR. Try it out and become a world-class in VR tightrope walker.

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