How fascinating it is to be able to move between skyscrapers and feel that the clouds are very close to you! In this virtual reality game, you have this limitless option. Give room to your imagination and experience the feeling of being able to fly to achieve your goal.


RUN VR is a video game that will generate in you a lot of expectation and extraordinary real sensations of vertigo, because you will be walking almost through the air, something unimaginable in real life. And what will your mission be? You must arrive at a terminal but while you direct your route towards it, you will pick up one and another gem, as you go from roof to roof of each building.

You can fall by a shore while you make this crossing, however nothing will happen to you, you will leave unharmed from this fall but your game will restart automatically. Every time you start, the risks and challenges will become more and more complex, so you need to be very lucid and open-minded and willing to try everything in order to reach the end. 27 challenging levels await you.

The 360° movements allow you to experience movements in many directions. You don’t need a driver just make sure Google Cardboard works with your device. You’ll advance by pointing your head just in the direction you want to move.

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