This VR Action Game is mainly about adrenaline and flying suits, so you may like it if you are a lover of living without limits. Through beautiful and rustic places you can perform your maneuvers through your suit while planning with the wind currents. Mainly you can find several very steep and steep mountains, including frozen mountains.

The slopes through which you will play in these races are impressive, they have many obstacles and different wonderful natural challenges. You can have the opportunity to challenge nature through the winds while mastering your suit through the air. How are different levels of difficulty, you can try to play from basic or simple environments, to hills that are suicidal to play them, since they are narrower and difficult to overcome.

RUSH for Gear VR has several gameplay modes in its operation. First you can highlight the “Final Race” mainly, but there are also the “Time Attack” and the “Score Challenge”. Different actions must be taken for each one and some special strategies taken. This VR game can also be played in multiplayer mode, so you can invite up to 3 friends to perform a “multiplayer epic jump” to compete with each other while having fun.

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