RV Astronauta Google Cardboar

RV Astronaut Google Cardboard

Android VR, Simulation


Travelling to a space station has always been everyone’s fantasy since childhood. But being an astronaut and being part of this environment (EEI) generates an extraordinary emotion. It is to see a dream come true, thanks to this virtual reality video game.

You will be able to enjoy in a very immersive and realistic way all the scenarios that RV Astronaut offers you, using Google Cardboard. You will have to fulfill a very important mission outside the planet, you will go to outer space to fulfill it.

You’ll move about 400 Kim away from the globe and from there you’ll be able to see the details of planet earth. It will be a fascinating experience for you to be able to see space and feel floating in it. The International Space Station offers you the opportunity to feel the phenomenon of gravity in your body.

The scenarios are very well accomplished in high definition. All you need is a pair of VR glasses as well as an efficient smartphone. The change of direction of your gaze and the turns of your head are enough to achieve the maximum performance of the game. There’s no need for game controllers or triggers.

Their developers are currently in the process of creating a version of RV astronaut that has more missions in space.

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