Safari Tours Adventures VR 4D

Android VR, Animals


Do you want to experience the whole experience of a real safari? Do you want to see the wildest animals that exist in the world in their natural habitat? And also to be able to live with some of these, then you got to the right place.


With Safari tours adventures VR 4D you can have a true experience of a safari, spend some time with your favorite animals, learn more about the life of these species and be able to drive to see in detail how wild animals are without any danger. Now you also have the option that will allow you swim with the most wonderful fish that exist.

On this safari you will see different animals such as: elephants, lions, zebras, birds, bears, foxes, crocodiles, hippos, wolves, among others. This safari VR gme has a design that will give an incredible style, you can see the atmosphere and animals with totally real sounds as well as really wonderful visual effects, and you will feel in a real wild excursion VR.

Other characteristics of the game are that it is quite simple to use, where the person should only see the place he wants to go to get there. Also, users can choose between the different ways of doing the tours, where you can see the place, that thanks to virtual reality and 360 vision will give you a full and free view to explore. This game is compatible with Google virtual reality lenses.

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