Sammy in VR

Sammy in VR

Android VR, Horror


Many people enjoy thrillers in VR, and this is one of the most chilling that virtual reality can bring you. Sammy in VR is a game that is set in an old abandoned house where in the past there had been strange deaths and unexplainable murders. It might seem unwise to conduct a seance with the famous ouija board in an abandoned place and with these creepy features but why not try?

Sammy in VR

Live the adrenaline and terror entering this virtual reality where you must make decisions that will literally be life or death, in every corner of this house you will live an incredible adrenaline. Each decision you make will affect the plot of the game so the path during the game will take you to a unique end with each decision.

It is recommended that the game is only downloaded by over 18 years because the realism in its 3D graphics is impressive, you should not install Sammy on your device if you are too afraid of ghosts or even if you are afraid of death because it is a game quite realistic and scary. Either way you can prove your courage and live the adrenaline with this game.

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