Shoting Showdown2VR

Shooting Showdown 2

Samsung Gear VR


If you like shooting and action games, this one’s for you. This is a perfect virtual shooting gallery that you should experience for free. As a first-person VR game that lets you immerse yourself through its brilliant gyroscope and a well-designed multiplayer mode, the fun is guaranted.

Shoting Showdown2VR

Just point your head and shoot with the touch of the touchpad. It’s all about proving that you’re a brave warrior who knows how to master shooting with guns – you’re the most competitive of them all! It’s really entertaining and immersive in all three game modes.

This game is now compatible with Gear VR, Go. With Touchpad Supported Controllers. Courageously challenge your opponent and beat him on the game stage over and over again. You have precise controls, many varied environments that give you more fun, increasingly demanding multiplayer competitions and a good amount of replay value. Be sure to try this VR shooter game and improve your aim skills to the maximum while you spend a time of unlimited fun.

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