Sisters: A Mobile VR Ghost Story

Android VR


Let me introduce to you the new generation of VR horror gaming. VR platforms users will now be careful about what they wish for as it comes to terror games, starting up with Sisters: A Mobile VR Ghost StoryThis is a VR game in which you are promised to experience a completely terrifying walkthrough as you also sense something does not want you there.


Google Cardboard now brings to you this great VR horror game in which you will see the whole terror unfolding all around you and neither you or your friends will be able to complete not even one level without the need to pause and take a big breath. Has been developed using 360 degrees visuals and audio, therefore, it is recommended to use both VR visors and headphones in order to get the full experience.

The developers assure that this game to be fit with the following characteristics: Specifically designed for mobile VR with simple look-based controls and commands to make it easily playable (so you don’t get to manage hard controls but focus on feeling the gaming experience). This game also has a fully interactive environment that responds to you as you walk through and, offers 360 degrees looking and hearing. This is definitely a great game to spend as many hours as you wish but, it does not matter if you play alone or if you play with a bunch of friends around you, there’s no scape to screaming.

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