Do you want to travel around the world? Visit each of the most emblematic sites in the world? And cross the streets of different countries? Then the virtual reality application Sites in VR is the best for you. This application will allow you to visit countries that are characterized by their beauty, their particular culture and its emblematic monuments and architecture. Here you can meet wonderful countries and cities like Paris, Syria, Morocco, Italy, Greece, Egypt, among other.

Sites in VR

Thanks to virtual reality you can see Islamic architecture, Egyptian tombs and pyramids, go to the sultans palaces, know the different museums, castles, towers, squares, temples and churches. You can practically see all the places you want because the application has more than a thousand panoramic photos in 360 of the highest quality.

You can enter both the Roman Colosseum and enter the Egyptian pyramids, but wait that it is not the best, you can even travel to space and visit some planets. No matter what destination you choose, you can really feel as if you were there. If you are convinced of download this application, we will leave you some tips to increase your experience:

  1. It is recommended that you move your phone and observe your surroundings as if you were holding a camera.
  2. You can freely use your fingers to zoom in and out.
  3. If you want to see access points you must touch the device screen.
  4. If you want to exit the application when you are in virtual reality mode (VR) you have to look down.

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