Slendra Cellar Horror VR

Android VR, Horror


Slendra Cellar Horror VR is a VR Horror Game not suitable for the heart. The plot focuses on a spirit called Slendra, which will chase you through a dark basement and you must try to escape it. The game offers spooky sounds and realistic tetrical graphics that won’t give the protagonist peace of mind at any time. The only options the protagonist has are to hide at all costs and stay safe in any way, because the moment Slendra finds you, it’s all over.

Slendra Cellar Horror VR

The protagonist must collect all the pages scattered around the place, and must be attentive to anything he hears that is foreign to him, because it is Slendra that is stalking him (for this reason, headphones should be used). It’s compatible with smartphones and 3D virtual reality glasses, and it’s perfect for playing on a dark night or to have a VR Halloween night with folks.

It currently has over 50,000 downloads, and the virtual reality mode offers the player a completely different experience than anything he has ever seen before, as the scares will be much more exciting. It is recommended that only those over the age of 13 play the game.

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