Slice & Dice is a game that has received applause and merits at VR Expo 2017, receiving the award for Best Creative Game and Best Made With Unity Awards. And is that really this game was masterfully created occupying the Top3 of the virtual reality game. And what makes it so important? Just the fact that it has 20 stages to play in free mode is a wonder!

And if you want more fun, the game has 100 stages and more than 20 hours of game time for average players, if you play it at a modest cost. Really for how intense this game is, its price is derisory. Slice & Dice is a virtual reality puzzle game and its central objective is to place the “dice” in the “dice hole”. Each stage has a floor and you as the star player are going to find the “dice hole”. You will have challenges with the “cubes”.

There are several types of them and each one has different physical properties. The dice are placed one on top of the other, in the cubes and you must solve the puzzles and cut the cubes to move the dice into the dice hole. As you progress through each stage, the number of floors within it increases. The fun increases when you ask for tips and training to solve the levels. The people around you watching you play can have their say and cooperatively find the solution to the puzzle. It’s a game for you and the spectators.

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