Slice Ninja VR Cardboard

Slice Ninja VR Cardboard

Action, Android VR


Are you in the process of finding a fun and exciting game? You don’t have to worry anymore, because we offer you the solution; we invite you to try the incredible virtual reality game Slice Ninja VR Cardboard.

Slice Ninja VR

This video game is about cutting all those fruits and sweet things that appear on our screen, to win we must only avoid losing food, ie we must cut as many as we can.  One of the wonderful features of this game is its “endless game” mode, we can always play it to improve our maximum score, which will represent a desire for constant improvement.

Added to this is the fact that it is perfectly compatible with a wide variety of virtual reality headset, whether visors or headphones, among which we can highlight the Google Carboard. Similarly, it is important to emphasize that it does not need extra tools or buttons, because it is an extremely simple game.  It should be noted that this is the first demonstration of an early stage of Slice Ninja VR Cardboard, however, this fabulous game ensures an unparalleled experience. Without a doubt, it will become our first choice when we want to play something really fun.

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