Smart Drone VR

Smart Drone VR

Entertainment, Strategy


In this virtual reality video game you will have the opportunity to leave the routine daily tasks, you do not need to leave your work environment or stop watching your TV program, because while you perform these tasks, you can play thanks to one of those gadgets that is the new Smart Drone.

Smart Drone VR

It is important to connect the Gamepad controls optimized for VR and Android via Bluetooth to enter this game environment.The application is really very simple, but that doesn’t stop it from being exciting. Through this Smart Drone VR you will learn to use the latest VR technology, just select the level of game you want.

The tasks in this game are challenging, with the Fly drone you will collect the object you require within the home environment. And when you reach the place of the desired object, you will download the drone to choose the one you want. It is at this point that you will move the drone to the descent zone. Thus the successful drop level will be completed. Time is running out, you must act quickly

You’ll have a high quality gaming scenario and you’ll be able to enjoy 3 camera options: first-person camera, third-person camera and another ground camera, with which your excitement will intensify.

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