In Space Battle for Gear VR you will have a great mission, which consists of eliminating an enemy that is armored and protected. You must devise mechanisms to annihilate it. The enemy battleship becomes your motivation in this game as you’ll have to float your experience as a pilot in order to carry out the task of eliminating it.

The scenarios of this virtual reality game, are super novel of wide colorful, so much, that you will feel that really you are submerged in a mountain or suddenly you will be in a place where there is a terrible snow that you will have to support to defeat the enemy. The cities are diverse and you will also move through them, as the enemy forces are everywhere.

You are an expert pilot and this helps you in your task. Your Gear VR controller will be your ally in this game. This simulator has a duration of three minutes in each experience, and it is enough time to experience that you are really fighting against that evil power. You’re a hero in this game, so you can’t help but experience it.  Remember that if you are going to play Space Battle the game requires an Oculus Go or a Rift controller/s, however it also works smoothly in a Samsung Gear VR with a Note 8 and a Gear controller.

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