Space Doom – VR FPS

Android VR, Shooters


This is a VR game that unfolds in a story: The Treach Space Station built with the mission of controlling the galaxy’s suspicious activities, stop communicating with it, and to find out what happened you are assigned the mission you will face throughout the game.

Space Doom – VR FPS

To play Space Doom – VR FPS you must have a virtual reality device and a remote control (if you have a second smartphone you can turn it into a bluetooth controller with the BT controller application).  You can also optimize the performance with the QR code for vr headphones and make the adventure more enjoyable. There is no greater difficulty to start playing.

In this virtual reality experience you will travel to space and when you start the game you will encounter countless enemies.  It is a very challenging space adventure, and to achieve the missions you must use your laser gun, test all the panels and switches you find, and be cautious!  The enemies will leave anywhere. If you are a cautious and brave player, you will have a lot of fun overcoming every obstacle and enemy you encounter!  In general, this game has very good user reviews: with a well developed story and fun missions, in Space Doom – VR FPS you will have a truly unforgettable space adventure!

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