Space Exploration VR App – Simulated VR Experience



This is a VR game intended for students to learn about the solar system and all of their planets with it will navigate through space while they know everything about it.  There is no more entertaining and modern way and learn!  Although if you always wanted to be an astronaut, Space Exploración VR is also ideal for you.

Space Exploration VR App - Simulated VR Experience

This is a virtual reality experience where players will need virtual reality lenses to pilot the space shuttle, with a direction indicator they will follow the path to reach other planets, and with the great graphics that this game has, as they go at the level, they will know the most important aspects of the Solar System.

You can play this vr game by placing the Android device on a Google cardboard Viewer, Samsung oculus Rift, HTC Vive or on Samsung Gear vr.  It also has a great advantage, and once it is installed, you don’t need an internet connection to play.  Although it is in its initial stage of preview (pilot) it has very good reviews of the users who have played it.  So if you feel it’s time for you to know the space around us, you should start playing now!

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