Space Jet War Shooting VR Game Android Game 2019

Space Jet War Shooting VR Game |Android Game 2019

Android VR, Shooters, Simulation


The Android operating system and Thunderofaction bring with them the new virtual reality version of Space Jet WarShooting, a touchscreen style game immersed in a space theme, explore other spaces in the galaxy and compete against enemy spaceships, earn money as you destroy their defenses and finish the mission by launching a missile that ends the alien fleet. The interface of the game offers you diverse options of attack, between these you can liberate small ships of war that will defend you of the enemy attacks, each one possesses different abilities of armament.


On the other hand, you have satellites that will allow you to identify the position of the enemy more easily and thus destroy it before it escapes. There are different levels that will change the position of enemy ships, the intensity and difficulty to win battles, so you will have to design strategies each time you face a new adversary. This VR space game is at the top of the list with best gameplay, has four modes, screen in the foreground, background, virtual reality and PC compatibility, which makes it quite practical to adapt to the user experience.

The game controls are quite simple, with tilting the screen of your device you can move your ship from left to right without any problem. The basic features of the game is that it is enabled for Android 4.1 or later versions, its weight is 30 MB and can be played in multiplatform.

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