Aimed at children under 10, this VR game has the facility to be compatible with all devices on the market. The operation of the game is to help the protagonist to put order in the Laguna Loony and the Squeeds. The inhabitants of Vile Goop have invaded the lagoon, and the inhabitants of the latter (the Squeeds), are unable to survive without the help of the player, so they need to banish the invaders.

Squeed! VR

Virtual reality is the best thing about this game, and diving into the Goop’s boat begins the adventure is simply incredible and totally immersive. This game has a lot of very nice and attractive graphics for children, where you can entertain yourself without limitations, and striking landscapes, plus very well proportioned colors, and where the creatures are also aesthetically beautiful.

The hidden characters mode will give a extra of fun to this game, plus the player will have the opportunity to have an experience of interaction with the game by the creatures, in a way that guarantees the fun. The game is flooded with a large number of creatures, and has various missions and challenges, so you will never get bored whoever plays it with a VR headset.

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