Star Wars: Droid Repair Bay

Horror, Samsung Gear VR, Shooters


If you are a Star Wars fan, you will love this VR Adventure Game. During these last weeks, this game has been one of the most downloaded for its history and its playability, which has caught the public. As with the famous franchise, this game has futuristic technology elements, incredible ships, space explorations, androids and much more. The plot focuses on Poe Dameron’s android, BB-8, and his friends.

With the help of BB-8 and his friends, your duty is to repair everything technological so that the Order can fight the Empire. Been in the General Leia ship, you must make sure that all the elements of the ship are stable while the different battles unfold. The bay of droid repairs will be your main point to execute all your tasks.

Through BB-8 you will know what it is to be a droid in this galactic battle while the rebel army fights against the forces of evil. You can count on a squad of special droids with unique personalities that will help you do your homework. Also, this game connects mainly with the latest Star Wars movie trilogy.

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