Subway Surfing VR

Adventure, Android VR


In this virtual reality video game you will have a fascinating emotion playing in VR mode with an Google Cardboard Headset. You are facing a very complex situation in the subway of a metro station, everything has overflowed, there is water everywhere and its volume is increasing. What will have happened? What causes this situation?

Subway Surfing VR

The stage is New York and it turns out that a terrible hurricane has affected the city, so the subway has been flooded causing serious damage. Luckily you brought your surfboard with you and this will be your way of salvation. Big waves in front of you make you climb on your board to be able to climb them without fear of falling. You will be able to form a team with your fellow travelers on the subway to compete on the avalanche of waves between the tunnels that are many and very long. Test yourself to see who has more balance.

Select your avatar on your surfboard to set yourself apart from the rest. Use the device’s accelerometer to track its balance. The feeling of the swaying of the very real, you will feel the vertigo in your skin, but do not stop despite it you must be able to leave these tunnels.

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