Temple Run is a virtual reality game that today has become “obligatory” for those who seek in video games, their leisure space more like reality “real”. This game requires you to move actively. You’ll have to run, jump, maneuver and glide through a host of VR scenarios. The place where you’re going to unfold is the incredible Arctic world. The cold won’t let you stay calm, you lose your concentration and vigor at times. There is an important temple that houses an idol, but beware, if you want to enter there, you’ll have to defeat a series of evil creatures. These are demonic monkeys that don’t let you in easily.

Temple Run VR

You must advance and get points. It is recommended that you be astute so that you can achieve it and last longer than your friends. For your mission you will be helped by the great 3D graphics, which make you feel the game in the pores. You will get incentives as you progress through the game and they will help you achieve your goal.

You’ll use the Go remote control. This game is a new proposal that is launched thinking to innovate and offer you the excitement you are looking for.

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