The Devil Awaits VR

The Devil Awaits VR

Android VR, Horror


If you’re looking for a horror adventure because you love the adrenaline and suspense of a terrifying atmosphere, The Devil Awaits VR is perfect for you.

The Devil Awaits VR
In this adventure you will be Rick H. Johanson who has managed to escape the police after having been in a bank robbery, while escaping he found an abandoned cabin in which he decided to take refuge.

When least expected, he will have to fight the demon that had days capturing innocent souls all over the region. In order to free himself from all that disaster and return home, he will have to investigate the cases of the captured souls, and he will even have to expel the demon that captured them, making this VR horror game a fascinating experience.

Thanks to virtual reality technology, you’ll feel like you’re really in that chilling environment. Only your brave, adventurous spirit will free you from all the evil things you’ll encounter throughout the game.

If you’re one of those people who loves terror and adrenaline, this game is definitely for you. to play you need a Bluetooth gamepad and make sure your device is high-end and has a gyro sensor.

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